Holiday Pet Safety Tips

Holiday pet safety food

Christmas is right around the corner. And with the holidays come some serious hazards for our furry friends.  Use these holiday pet safety tips to avoid pet dangers this season.

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Holiday pet safety tips food

Holiday pet safety tips for decorations

1. Choose your tree ornaments with pets in mind.  Avoid tinsel on your tree if you have cats. Tinsel is a hazard if ingested. String, tape, and ribbons can also be a danger. Consider decorating your tree with beautiful non breakable ornaments. Broken ornaments can cause cuts to pets, or even be lethal if ingested.

2. Dogs and cats both may chew on electrical wires. Tape light wires down to your floor, and then cover them with a tree skirt to lessen pet temptation.

3. With cats, dogs, and small children all Christmas trees within reach should be anchored to a wall or the ceiling, to avoid the hazard of tipping over.

Holiday pet safety food

Holiday pet safety tips for feeding and treats

1. Don’t feed pets holiday table scraps. As tempting as it might be to treat your pet with some turkey skin, let me tell you from experience it can make a pet very ill. Your pet can suffer and may it require large vet bills to bring them back to their normal self.

2. Other foods that can be a danger to pets include onion, garlic, macadamia nuts, chocolate, grapes/raisins, butter, gravy, and alcohol.

3. When it comes to what holiday treats are ok, I take my cues from what our usual dog food contains. Sweet potatoes, and pumpkin. Small amounts of chicken or turkey without the skin.

Or better yet why not make some natural treats for you pet? This article has 21 treat recipes you can make at home. 21 Natural Pet Treat Recipes

Holiday pet safety plants

Holiday pet safety tips around seasonal plants

1. Some of our most beautiful holiday plants are toxic for animals. Poinsettias, Amaryllis, Holly, and Mistletoe all pose significant threats to our pets, and can actually be toxic.

2. Tree preservative put into the water at the base of your tree is also toxic. It’s best not to use preservative at all if you have pets.

Holiday pet safety with guests

1. I have a nervous dog, but even the calmest animals when confronted with strangers, and loud children may need a hideaway. Make sure your pet has a safe place to retreat to if scared or overwhelmed.

2. Make sure your pet hide away is in a place you can close the door.

3. Caution young children against chasing pets or seeking them out if they are trying to hide.

Holiday pet safety cold weather

General winter pet safety tips

1. Don’t leave animals out in cold weather. If it’s too cold for you, it’s too cold for them.

2. In cold climates many areas use salt and deicing  products on sidewalks and roads. If you are walking your dog, coat their foot pads with vasoline prior to walking them. When you return from a walk immediately wipe their paws off to avoid drying and burns from salt and chemicals.

3. Your pet’s skin can get dry in winter, avoid bathing too often.

4. Don’t shave your animals coat in winter. They need that warmth to be protected from cold temperatures.

Always keep you emergency veterinarian number in an easy to find place.

In summary

Be cautious with tree stability and decorations.

Know what plants are hazardous, and what table foods can harm pets.

Allow your pets to Opt Out, providing them a safe hideaway from the festivities.

And  protect their paw pads and skin in cold weather.

Always keep your vets number close by.

Have a Wonderful Holiday Season!


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