Stunning Farmhouse Christmas Front Porch Ideas That Will Take You Through Winter

Christmas porch twelve on main

You can never make a second, first impression. Maybe you’re like me and want pretty but easy? I have ideas for a farmhouse Christmas front porch that will easily transition right through winter.

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I love the simple Christmas decorating ideas that use natural elements. The best part of a little laid back farmhouse Christmas porch is the decorating style can blend right through the winter months. And who doesn’t appreciate decor that you can keep in place for months? Using pure uncomplicated farmhouse style, is the easiest option for busy people that want the decorated look.

 So I’ve compiled some ideas for pure farmhouse style for your front porch, that can take you right into the new year.

Tips for a Farmhouse Christmas Front Porch

1. Use natural elements

The rule of thumb is if you could find it growing in the woods, in December displaying vibrant color, those are the naturals to use. Evergreen branches, pine, cedar, holly, etc.

Christmas porch ideas

This use of natural greenery is gorgeous by Liz Marie. It’s such a refreshing look to see live greenery as part of her porch decor. If you  use live trees they could be planted in your yard after winter.

2. Use decor pieces that speak to winter, but not directly Christmas

Farmhouse Christmas porch unskinny

This is a perfect example here. Beth from Unskinny Bop’s front porch decor can easily last right through Febuary without looking out of place.

3. For a farmhouse Christmas porch Glitz is not needed

Glitz that screams Christmas, will look outdated after January 1st. If you add glitz, make it weathered glitz, and do it in small amounts. This porch by Twelve on Main is a perfect example of weathered glitz.

Christmas porch twelve on main

She can easily remove just the ornaments and keep the other farmhouse decor to last through winter. With this front porch even the necessary woodpile adds to the farmhouse Christmas porch. Who would have thought a wood pile could count as decor?

4. Keep it Neutral 


Deb from Seeking Lavender Lane  uses a classic neutral color and then adds touches of classic Christmas colors. She further uses pieces of nature to soften the look.

5. Warm it up

Simple unpretentious decor will give you a farmhouse style you want. Think easy and casual. Lay a throw across a bench or chair to instantly give your front porch a cozy feel. 

Farmhouse christmas

Here  Angie of  Postcards From the Ridge  used throws with red plaid, to give a Christmas feel. But this decor as is, could still last through winter. Plaids are a winter classic, and are not the same as a throw covered with Santas.

6. Use “weathered” decor pieces  

Front porch farmhouse  Lisa from  Farmhouse on Boone  shows the simple beauty of farmhouse style. Notice the metals and woods have that weathered look? That creates the casual laid back feel of good farmhouse style.

7. Use Toned  down colors

Farmhouse Christmas color

Tara from Lehman Lane has a red door and bench, but they are not a bright red. Save your bright red for a color pop, not for your background.  Keep your colors warm and muted to create your farmhouse Christmas front porch.

8. Use what you have

do you have access to some cedar branches? Or have some farmhouse decor from inside that you could bring out to the porch? A farmhouse Christmas porch can be inexpensive to create using what you have and what is found in nature.

Farmhouse Christmas cheap

Cindy at  DIY Beautify  created her Christmas porch using what she already had. Check her out for more ideas.

To wrap it up, remember in creating a farmhouse Christmas front porch think, natural, neutral, and weathered. This type of Christmas decor will last you from late November through Febuary. It can be inexpensive to create and Leave you more time for family and fun this winter.

For a bonus check out Pam from House of Hawthorne who has an impressive tutorial on how to put evergreen pots together. Grab a weathered wood pot and your ready to go.

Have a Wonderful Holiday!

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