10 Ideas for Wood Kitchen Cabinets ~Upgrades You Might Want To Consider

While researching for our kitchen renovation, I found there are so many wood kitchen cabinet options available now. Regardless of the finish you choose, spend the money to get wood kitchen cabinets. Wood kitchen cabinets will stand the test of time. Thorough research and planning for your kitchen renovation, can take you to the next level of workability.

Let’s take a look at some of the choices available.

These options are from Diamond Cabinets sold by Lowes. I really liked the style of these wood cabinets. They give nice farmhouse feel to the kitchen. These are wood cabinets off white with antiquing added to the surfaces.

Wood cabinets options

Wood kitchen cabinets silverware drawer

Built in utensil drawer dividers, would come in handy to keep utensils from migrating all over the drawer.

Wood kitchen cabinets twilight zone

I’m Loving this for a corner cabinet. #TwilightZoneCabinet

Wood kitchen cabinets dead zone

Here’s another style of Lazy Susan for a corner cabinet.

Wood kitchen cabinets under sink

Can you believe a built in plastic bag holder? I was surprised to see this one. It seems a little bulky, but I doubt

you would have to worry about this one falling off the door if you overloaded it.

Wood kitchen cabinets spice drawer

This built in spice rack drawer is to die for! What a great way to keep your spices organized. With the elevated slant the spices are all visible at the same time.

Wood kitchen cabinets turnstile

When you are vertically challenged (like myself) this is the ultimate solution. Upper cabinet Lazy Susans. Love it! You would never have to stand on a ladder to dig something from the back of the top shelf. With the trend of cabinets getting taller we need to see solutions like this.

Wood kitchen cabinets wood pull out

Pull out drawers can save your back. Like the tall upper cabinets, lower cabinets as well can become “twilight zones” that require us to dig on hands and knees to find what you are looking for.

Wood kitchen cabinets pull out

This is an awesome cabinet pullout for storing flat pans and cookie sheets.

Wood kitchen cabinets pullouts

Built in recycling bins can take your trips to the outside recycling bin down to just once a day. I do like those.

They are an easily washable solution.

Wood kitchen cabinets

Here they placed a drop down faux cabinet door with a sponge holder.

So did you see something you liked? Can’t wait to see what they come out with next.


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