How to Create a Kids Bedroom You Both Will Love

 Kids bedroom that makes learning fun

Children’s bedrooms can look pretty standard. In kids bedrooms we tend to see the brightly colored totes overflowing with toys, low twin beds, and lots of pastels or primary color schemes. But I’m going to show you  a kids bedroom design that is really unique!

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The easiest way to find a theme for a child’s room is to start with an inspiration piece. In this room the design inspiration is the beautiful frog painting. The frog painting creates the “pop” and interest that draws you into the room. And the colorful insect graphics support the playful frog theme.

The desk and chair topped with a microscope, is the perfect room for a little lab assistant. Most of all, the desk allows the room double as a study area. The stackable trunks in the corner of the room make for sophisticated storage.

Boys Bedroom Kids beds

I love the terrarium! And the book shelves are IKEA Spice Racks!

Boys insect bedroom

DIY Projects Will Keep Down Costs

For the wall art, take a printable (similar printables found at the end of the post) to a print shop and have it blown up to fit the size of your chosen painting canvas. Paint your canvas with Mod Podge. In these prints Matte Mod Podge was applied. Wrap your canvas with the image. Smooth out all bubbles and then add 2 layers of Mod Podge over the top with time to dry in between the layers. Attach the enlarged insect images to the canvas, by modge podging them on.

For the  beetle pillows and bug valance they used insect graphics again. So to add the insect images to fabric, print them on iron on paper, and then iron them on to the fabrics. The insects in this bedroom come together nicely, to give this room a cohesive look.

What little Scientist wouldn’t love this room? This room proves you can design a super cute kids bedroom without breaking the bank. The key is adding DIY projects where you can to lower the expenses.

To recreate this room, check out the links below.

The Frog Painting can be found here.

The Shelves can be found here.

Similar graphics for the pillows and wall art can be found here, here and here.

Supplies are found here:

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