Our Kitchen Remodel Part 1

Once upon a time we decided to have our house appraised…..

We started thinking of selling our house and wanted to see where our resale value stood. I highly recommend having a home appraisal, at least a few months prior to listing your house for sale. A home appraiser will put it in black and white for you without interjecting emotion. Disappointing was the word from our appraiser .”If you had done a  kitchen Remodel, I could appraise this house 20% higher”. 20% wow that was an eye opener!

Kitchen remodel

We started researching how to remodel the kitchen, and deciding on the changes we wanted to make. Our kitchen remodel required moving a soffit that went around the room above our cabinets, removing bracing from older cabinets that still hung from the ceiling, and changing the layout of the appliances.

(All before pictures were taken after we started unloading cabinets and beginning demo)

Before Kitchen Renovation

The issue with the kitchen layout, was that the stove was on the far side of the kitchen next to the refrigerator. The window was across the room at your back. When you were cooking your back would block the light to the stove, requiring a light turned on, even in the daytime. The pantry was actually located in the hallway. This was inconvenient. And the dishwasher was right behind me when I was at the sink rinsing dishes. I would turn around to put dishes in the dishwasher and literally take out my shins nightly.

Kitchen remodel before

We did our research and made a list of our must haves and headed to the cabinet store. See my post: 10 Ideas For Wood Cabinets

We decided to order Cabinets from Cabinets To Go. A lot of people use cabinets to go because you can truly put them together yourself saving lots of money. We did end up hiring a contractor to remove a portion of a wall and soffits around the room. The soffit that is just above the cabinets in the below before pictures, prevented us from having nice large cabinets. So it had to go.

Some of the changes we needed were..moving appliance positions, removing soffits, and removing a bracing piece from the ceiling.

Kitchen remodel appliances

Kitchen remodel appliances move

Kitchen Remodel soffits

Kitchen remodel drawings

I added the kitchen layouts below to show how the appliance positions changed.

Kitchen remodel drawings

So what does it look like now? I’ll be back with the Kitchen Renovation Part II

Do you love your kitchen? What changes would you make to your current kitchen?

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