5 Secrets of a Successful Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen renovation can pay off big in home value. Our renovation increased the appraised value of our house by 20%. When you are going to do a kitchen renovation,  it’s easy to get lost in the pretty Pinterest pictures, and picking paint colors. But if you want a truly user-friendly kitchen that you love after your renovation, you will want to consider these 5 things.

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Secrets to the perfect kitchen remodel

1. You can easily change the placement of large appliances

Before Kitchen Renovation

That may seem like a silly question because it might not immediately occur to you, that appliances can be relocated fairly easily. The cabinets cost the same no matter what wall you put  them on, so make the kitchen work for you. Before our Kitchen renovation our stove was on the farthest wall from the kitchen window and sink. When I cooked my back blocked any light that was coming from the window. When I needed to drain water off a pan of noodles, I had to carry the hot pan across the room to the sink.

2. Specialty cabinets can change everything!


I wanted a narrow pull out cabinet next to the stove to hold frequently used seasonings, and racks below for cooking oils.

Kitchen coffee bar copy.jpg

A second specialty cabinet for me was a coffee bar setup. I wanted an upper cabinet for cups and syrups and then a lower cabinet with a drawer at the top for the coffee pods, and tea bags. We located this near the garage door. This has greatly reduced tracking in dirt, when we were working on projects in the garage. For more ideas See my post: 10 Ideas For Wood Kitchen Cabinets You Might Want To Consider

3.  Drawers work better than cabinets on the bottom.

Kitchen Drawers copy

We chose to use drawers for the lower cabinets.  The drawers pull out and we can easily see everything in the drawer at one time. No more hands and knees digging through a lower cabinet looking for a lid. The cost difference was negligible, and worth every penny.

4. The Secret to affordable cabinet pullouts.

This is where I cringed at the upgrade price. Do your homework and you can save yourself some serious dollars. Our solution was to shop after market pull-outs that would meet our needs. Then in the cabinet plan, we ordered cabinets that the after-market pull-outs would fit. We installed the pull outs ourselves same lots of dollars.

5. Thinking functionality, will change how well your kitchen will work for you.

Kitchen pantry

For us our pantry was in the hallway. The hallway,… past the dining room on the way to the bedrooms. Yes. it. was. By moving the stove to a different wall and sliding the refrigerator to the old stove placement, we were able to add cabinets with pullouts on all three sides of the refrigerator. This move finally gave us food storage in the kitchen. And that “old” pantry is now the cleaning closet.

Paint colors are fun too, but when your done renovating your kitchen you really want it to work for you.

What changes would you make to your kitchen?

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Check out some of the great pull outs that we installed in our kitchen below.

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