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The Best Destash Tip You Can Use Today For Books

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Destash and Downsizing to Upsize our life

When it came time to start the destash of our current home, I had to prioritize and plan.  First I identified the biggest clutter issues. It didn’t matter what counter was always cluttered, but instead what was cluttering it. The difference allowed us to destash our biggest clutter items. Other wise we were just chasing your tail not resolving the root of the issue.

Below was the top clutterbug issue I decided to address, and how I resolved the issue without changing our lifestyle.

Magazines and Books

I admit it I am was a book and magazine hoarder. I couldn’t bare to part with images of beautiful homes and gardens. To the tune of shelfs full of outdated magazines and books. Whenever I wanted to find a project I once spied in one of the paper vessels, it would take sometimes hours to find the needed book or magazine. By the time I found what I was looking for, I lost the energy to tackle the one I first wanted. I know some of you can relate.


The solution for me was a visit to the local Library. Do you know most libraries now have thousands of magazines, books and audio books in a digital format?

Some of the digital magazines available at my library each month for free are:

Cosmo, Glamour, Family Circle, Do it Yourself, O magazine, Good Housekeeping, Star, OK, Women’s Health,Vegetarian, Martha Stewart Living, Weight Watchers, and many, many more.

Libraries have thousands of digital books and digital audio books as well. One trip to the library and they will get you all set up! Just like the walk in library, if there are no copies available you place a hold, and they send you an email when your digital book or Magazine is available. I have not set foot in my library in 2 years. Everything I want is at my fingertips.

The absolute best part….NO LATE FEES!! No running to the library at night to toss books in the drop box to avoid late fees. When your 3 weeks to have the Digital Book is over they remove it from your titles list.

And yes I do keep a few books, in a small basket. And a few to decorate with;)

Do you currently use a Digital Library?

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