Galvanized Steel Farmhouse Decor Finds For The Kitchen

Galvanized Steel Decor for the Kitchen

I’ve been on the hunt for Galvanized Steel decor for the kitchen. To me galvanized metal is the truest farmhouse style. Built to withstand time. A Classic.  I thought I’d share some of the finds I love with you.

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    galvanized decor carrier

My Favorite Galvanized Steel 

Decor Items


Galvanized Charger Plates

First on my list of must haves for a beautiful farmhouse kitchen is this set of charger plates. I can picture the chargers highlighting  a plate of barbeque chicken and potato salad, with a red checked napkin holding the silverware. Or in true ranch style using the chargers as plates for a roundhouse dinner.

 Galvanized 3 Tier Tray

Then I found this Galvanized 3 tier stand. The uses for tiered stands are absolutely endless! You could use it as a cupcake stand, or a in a candy bar

 Galvanized Organizer

I saw this Galvanized Organizer and thought what a great mail holder/organizer. I could also see it used to hold silverware and napkins, or pens and pencils etc in a command center.  

  Stonebriar Galvanized Buckets

Simply for the style I am in love with these Stonebriar baskets.

 Galvanized Napkin Holder

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this napkin holder! This is the perfect addition to a Farmhouse kitchen. And to use it outside the metal weighted holder keeps your napkins from flying away at your picnic.

 Galvanized Paper Towel Holder

This Galvanized paper towel holder is adorable with the farm handle. I picture a small child carrying it outside by the handle  to help set up an outdoor dinner.

 Galvanized Serving Dishes

How about these serving baskets? Imagine them lined with a checked napkin, and then piled high with cornbread. I am so looking forward to Summer! Are you getting ready for Summer?

galvanized decor carrier            Galvanized Carry All

For carrying condiments or utensils to the back porch table for dining, the galvanized carry all is a winner.

Galvanized kitchen decor items are a ust for a farmhouse kitchen.

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