10 Farmhouse Chic Decor Finds From Your Thrift Store

Farmhouse chic wire basket

Do you thrift shop? There are many inexpensive Farmhouse Chic Decor finds waiting for you there. Classic home decor items are always in style. So how do I make the thrift store finds into Farmhouse chic decor? Let me share some of my favorite finds with you.

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Farmhouse Chic

1. White edged dishes

I look for rectangle dishes with sides around them. They are easy to clean, have classic design and color, and are perfect for corralling like items with style.

farmhouse chic white trays


2. Vintage hardcover books in soft colors

My goal at the thrift store for books, is to find light colored books of similar sizes. If I can find ones with titles that sound cozy, that’s even better. I use them as pedestals for other decor, or by themselves for a comfy look to a side table. Occasionally I will wrap them with twine or ribbon to group them as their own decor item.

Farmhouse chic books


3. Faux plants

Occasionally I am able to find faux plants at the thrift store that could be mistaken for the real thing. Its fun to move them to different pots and crocks depending on the season.

Farmhouse chic faux flowers

4. Enamelware Dishes

Enamelware dishes are a little harder to find since the Farmhouse style took hold. But if you find a piece in good repair they are rugged and will stand the test of time.

Farmhouse chic enamelware

5. Lap Throws

When it comes to lap throws I am looking for soft cream colors. I want throws that beg you to cuddle up.

Farmhouse chic throws

6. Wood Bowls

If you have priced wood bowls at a store recently you will understand why I pick these up at a thrift store. I also pick up wood trays in good shape. Occasionally you may even stumble on a wood dough bowl.

7. Baskets

Baskets are usually an easy find at most thrift stores. When I choose a basket I am looking for either wicker in good repair, or metal baskets that look worn. I use large baskets for the living room to store those gorgeous lap throws I find, or to hold magazines. Metal baskets can hold towels in bathroom, or fruit in the kitchen.

Farmhouse chic wire basket

8. Used Furniture Pieces

Farmhouse Chic can easily be found in used furniture pieces. Nothing says Farmhouse quite like a chalk painted table. Currently I have been on the hunt for small pieces to go in our Tiny House that will increase our storage. In my studio now, I am working on a Singer Space Saver sewing cabinet from the 1970’s.

Farmhouse chic furniture

 9. Old Bottles

You can almost always find old bottles at thrift stores. They can used in a variety of ways in your decor. Stand them up as vases, or lay them down spilling out small shells. The possibilities are endless.

Farmhouse chic bottles

10. Rustic Frames

For really large picture frames you can’t beat the price savings at a thrift store. Your find may require a little elbow grease or some paint, but the reward is worth it. Heavy rustic frames can really turn out very pretty when made over.

Farmhouse chic rustic frames

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Below are some of my favorite products to use when repairing or upcycling thrift store finds.


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