Wooden Bird Houses Transformed to DIY Planters

I love to add special elements in my yard. Conversation pieces are the best. I thought wooden bird houses could make unique DIY planters.

Below you will find the steps I used to make my DIY Planters from wooden bird houses.

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You could make wooden bird houses from scratch, however that’s a little more labor intensive than I was looking for. I wanted a quick easy DIY planter. So I purchased the base birdhouse and then transformed it into a creative planter.

What You Will Need

1 wood Bird House (MIne came with screws to install it )

1 1/2″ x 4″ x 4′ Hemlock board

Wood Glue

Drill with a 1/16th drill bit




Tape Measure

1″ finish Nails

Plants of your choice

Potting Soil

Assemble your tools and parts.

Measure Twice Cut Once

1. Measure the roof of the birdhouse. The birdhouse I bought was 6 3/4” x 7 “. The pieces were 1/2”. Since I wanted the front to be a solid side, I added 1” (1/2” x 2) to the 6 3/4” measurement. I needed to cut 2 pieces at 7” and 2 pieces at 7 3/4”.

Wooden bird houses

2. I measured the piece of wood, marked it with a pencil, and then used a square to make sure my lines would be straight.

DIY planter

3. I used a square to mark the cutting line.

DIY planter measuring

4. Then use the saw to make your cuts.

Wooden bird houses cutting

When the four pieces of wood are cut, we can start to assemble our planter.

The Assembly

1. Match up the end of a 7” piece with the end of a 7 3/4” piece. I did a dry fit to make sure it lined up right. I then drill the small holes (3 on each side). You want your drill to go through both pieces of wood. This will make hammering the nails so much easier.

Wooden birdhouse drill

2. I then added Wood Glue to the edges that would match up. I put the glued edges together and then hammered the first two pieces together with three nails. Wipe off any excess glue with a damp rag before it dries.

DIY planter glue

3. Proceed to the next side and add the next piece by repeating step #5 & 6, for each side. Recheck the at you are nailing the correct piece before drilling the holes. When you are finished you should have a box.


4. Next fit your new box to the roof of your birdhouse. It should slid over the roof snuggly.

DIY planter final

5. Line up the back of your birdhouse edge with the box. You will now make 2 more drill holes on each end. Nail the box to the back of the birdhouse roof. In the front the box will set nicely on the front roof. Line the box up with the front, drill 2 more holes like you did on the back, and then nail the box using the drilled holes.

Wooden bird house align

At this point I installed my birdhouse on a fence post thinking it would be easier to work on this way. Well maybe not. 🙂

Wooden bird house cut door

6. For the next step I cut the door into two pieces. I wanted the door to drop down so I could plant flowers in the bottom of the birdhouse as well as the roof of the birdhouse. I also wanted it to retain the birdhouse look. To put the top of the door on (the piece with the hole, I lined it up where it should be, drilled a hole on each side and then nailed the door on using the drill holes.

Wooden birdhouse done

So the only thing left is to add your gravel, then potting soil, and then the flowers of your choice.

Wooden bird house planter

Planter light

DIY birdhouse pin

Below you can find the products I used

Walmart birdhouse

Cedar Birdhouse

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