How to add AirStone for Instant Curb Appeal

AirStone DIY

Instant Curb Appeal With AirStone

I love to look at model homes.  I get inspiration and see hands on some of the new building products. One common exterior element  that kept popping up, was faux stone to accent the homes appearance. In searching for a product I could use on my own home I found AirStone. AirStone is a faux stone that’s lightweight and super easy to apply. AirStone is a cement product the shape and color of real stone. ~This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.  

Some of the other benefits of AirStone were that the stones can be cut with a hacksaw, and does not need grout. So if you don’t have the toolbox of a pro carpenter, I’ve got you covered with this DIY project.

First I need to take you on a little trip through time. Due to a computer crash (before the cloud) I lost about 2 years of photos. Some of the photos included the before of the AirStone project. But fortunately when we purchased our current house I printed the starter photos of our Fixer Upper, and put them in a binder to refer to over time. Those before photos are the ones I will use today.

When we bought this house it was at the height of the housing market. We put our old house on the market and it sold in less than 24 hours, above asking price. The problem? We hadn’t even started to look for another home. The quick movement of the housing market at that time was scary. I really wanted to apply the old adage: Buy the worst home in the best neighborhood you can afford. This house had been on the market 45 days (unheard or at that time) Well we got a steal of a price and a true fixer upper!This is the before of the front of the house taken on the day of the inspection. If you can believe it, this house wasn’t even 10 years old and was in this condition.

house before         air stone beforeairstone

Note- Prior to the AirStone application we had replaced the garage door, added Barn Door hardware, and repainted the house.

Air Stone

We purchased our Air Stone at Lowes in the color Autumn Mountain. They have several color combinations available. Air Stone is a lightweight faux stone product for interior and exterior applications. 

AirStone is adhered using Airstone Exterior adhesive, which we also purchased at Lowes.

To Apply  AirStone you will need the following:

Hack saw

AirStone blocks-purchase the amount needed based on the square footage you want to cover.

Tape Measure

AirStone Adhesive


Pry bar to remove siding if an exterior application.

The AirStone Application

To begin you need to measure the width of the area to cover, so you can lay out your pieces the size you will need.

When you take the AirStone pieces out of the box, make sure you have lots of room to lay it out. You’ll want to lay out the stone so you can arrange the colors to get an even color variation and stone sizing.

air stone layout

We decided to start on the right side of the garage door. These narrow strips gave us a good starting point, and a small area to see if the AirStone lived up to the promises, before we went too far.

I worked on laying out the stone while my husband removed siding in the area we had chosen.

remove siding

In addition because we live in the Pacific Northwest ,we added cement backer board to the areas where we were applying the stone. This is not  necessary or recommended by Air Stone, we just chose to add it due to the heavy rain we get each year, as an added precaution.

Air stone prep

At the top of the area we decided on, we also added the trim pieces that would transition the AirStone to the siding. Caulking and painting were done after the AirStone was completed.

I started applying the AirStone just under the trim piece and worked our way down. I applied the adhesive to the back of each stone and moved them into place. Be sure on this first row to check your level. If you start off at a slant it will only multiply as you continue.Slipping of the pieces once placed, was very minimal. I did keep checking and a couple of pieces I used wood blocks to hold them in place, until the pieces below were added. We started at the top of the area, because I wanted complete blocks at the top, and the cut pieces at the bottom where they would be less noticable. So here is the first section with the Air Stone completed.

Air Stone placed

For the next area, I started by again laying out the pieces while my husband removed the siding, for the next garage section. I then placed the Air Stone following the same steps as before. First adding the trim piece, and then adhering the blocks in the layed out pattern, starting at the top and working down.

Air Stone DiY

The last section we wanted to add the Air Stone to, was the lower front of the house.

Air Stone DIY

We stripped off the siding like before. This time we had a few things to work around like the bib hose and vent. Truly this was a piece of cake due to how easy the Air Stone is to cut.

AirStone makeover

Air Stone After

So now here we are. When the AirStone application was complete, we caulked the wood trim and spot painted. This is one of the most satisfying DIY projects we have done. It is easy (took us one day) and the transformation is remarkable.

I think it adds so much to the curb appeal! Yes! Another successful DIY.This was not a sponsored post however if you would like to locate the products used I have included links for you.

Air Stone DIY

Air Stone Color Autumn Mountain

AirStone Adhesive

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