The Best Performing Tools for Living With Arthritis

Radius Garden Hand Tools

Millions of Americans live daily with joint and muscle disorders, that affect their quality of life. I am not a complainer, but want to let you know why I’m an expert on the best performing tools for arthritis.

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis also known as RA in 2005. Over the years I have  tried many products that were supposed to make my daily tasks easier, and didn’t. But I’ve also found some real winners. I’m going to share with you the best performing products I use. To find the items online click on the name of the products below.

If one of these diseases does not affect you, it may affect a family member or friend who could find these products useful.

*This is not a sponsored post and contains only my true feelings on these products.

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.

My Best Performing Daily Needs Tools

1. Phone holder pop grip and stand

The newest product I have tried and I love it! It is the collapsible iPhone holder. I drop a lot of things during the day..a lot. This allows me to hold my phone more easily without having to struggle to grip it while trying to read messages or look something up.
Best Performing pop socket

2. Key Turner 3

I have cracked several keys trying to unlock the heavy industrial doors where I work. I started out using these Enablers Easy Key Turners.   They worked okay for me, but only hold one key each, and are bulky in a pocket. I was looking for a key turner that was more slim lined than the Enablers. I’ve recently started using the Key Turner 3 and I have to say, I am impressed. It is working really well for my work keys. The manufacturers warn, that this will not hold a key fob. I carry my car key separate from my work keys, so this was not a problem.

Best Performing Key Turner 3

3. Amazon Echo Gen 2    and the TP-Link

I’m not sure how I lived without my echo and echo dot. I have put several lamps on the tp-link that works with the Echo. Now I don’t have to fiddle with tiny light switches on lamps anymore.

The echo itself has so many features that are applauded by those of us with chronic issues. I can call across the room for Alexa to change music, to answer questions, make phone calls, and to control my household without having to constantly get up. These are just a few of the uses that make my life easier. And I’ll let you in on a secret….If you buy these together at Amazon sales during the year, they give a deep discount for combining products. I purchased my sets on Black Friday for an awesome price.

Best performing Amazon Echo Best performing TP-link

My Best Performing Tools for Crafting

If you are a crafter you know how important crafting is to putting you in a good mood. It’s a stress reliever and keeps your hands moving, which can reduce joint pain providing you are using “ease of use” products to assist you.

1. Fiskar No 8 Scissors and scissors

Fiskar has a whole line of products that are approved by the Arthritis Association. I currently own many pairs in different styles. They are spring-loaded so after you make a cut they automatically spring open, reducing the wear on your hand joints. Love them!

Best performing fiskar scissors

Fiskar No 8 Easy action bent tip scissors

Titanium 5 " best performance

Fiskar 5 ” micro tip titanium scissors

2. Brother Sewing Machine

Did you know they have sewing machines now that don’t use a foot pedal? There do!

Mine is a Brother that can be totally operated by push buttons. It is a dream come true for me. If you haven’t looked at new sewing machines in a few years you should.

My machine is no longer available, but the machine below is the same machine in the newer version. The video  HERE shows you many of the features including the push button start/stop and automatic needle threader. This is a inexpensive machine,  easy to use, and a godsend for arthritis sufferers.

Best Performing brother sewing machine

3. Cricut Expression 2

I used to have one of the original cricut machines from many, many, many years ago. I actually stopped using the original machine because of arthritis. In the original machine you had to push graphic cartridges in and out of a slot,  among other things that made it difficult to use.

Then my daughter in law purchased a Cricut Expression. I was in awe with the magic at her fingertips, and promptly upgraded my old machine for an Expression Air. The Expression Air is a breeze to use and lured me back into my craft room again. I also see a lot of users posting on line that their special needs children and grandchildren love this machine, and are able to operate it on their own.

The cricut expression cuts paper, vinyl, iron ons, fabric, and so much more.

Best Performing Vinyl cutter Cricut Air

My Best Performing Hand Tools for Gardening

1. Fiskar Power Lever Pruner

Again in this category Fiskar is the stand out again in Pruners.

Best performing Fiskar Power Lever Pruner


2. Fiskar 26″ Power Bypass Lopper

While I don’t do a lot of pruning, I want to be independent and not have to rely on others to get things done. With these loppers I am able to trim up tree and bush branches by myself. Score!

Best Performing Fiskar Bypass Lopper

3. Radius Garden Hand Tool Set

I love these garden tools. By extending the length of the handles it gives you much more leverage making your garden chores so much easier.

Best performing Radius Garden Hand Tools


So that’s a wrap up of my best performing products for arthritis sufferers. If you have questions on any product, please feel free to email me ~ [email protected]

If you need more information on living with Arthritis visit the website

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