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My Craft Studio Haul From Harbor Freight

Harbor Freight revolving storage

My Craft Studio

Recently I have been working on purging and reorganizing my craft studio. A couple of weeks ago I decided to check out a Harbor Freight Tools store. Since my closest Harbor Freight store is a drive and ferry ride away, I did some research online before going.

My main goal was to score a 12″ 4 tier revolving storage unit.  I have been looking for a way to easily store my paints and pastes. Prior to this my paints were stored in a drawer…a deep bottomless pit drawer.

craft studio Harbor Freight 4 tier revolving storage

I have seen this unit on Pinterest with people painting them cute colors, and adding washi tape to decorate them. When I looked on Amazon, this unit ranged in price from $70.00 + shipping to $120.00. At that price I didn’t want one that bad. But on Pinterest bloggers were saying it was much cheaper less expensive to purchase it at Harbor Freight. I did my research and absolutely true! They are $18.99 at Harbor Freight. Now just to ensure I was comparing apples to apples I looked a little further. The revolving storage from Amazon sellers had the same description and same photos, as the one at Harbor Freight. Same unit? Very likely don’t you think?

Harbor Freight has coupon codes available on their site that are good for in store and online purchases.

Using a 20% coupon code, my Revolving storage unit cost $15.19!

In full transparency, the unit comes unassembled. If you were looking to paint one, being unassembled is a blessing. However when you get ready to assembly this pack your patience. The bag of screws and nuts is the size of a softball (seriously). But after assembly, it was soooo worth it! See her there?

I’m calling her black beauty-My new craft studio workhorse.

craft studio Harbor Freight revolving storage


After finding the revolving storage I headed down the “magnetic accessories” aisle.

Magnetic Accessories

My first magnetic find was the magnetic glove dispenser.

craft studio harbor freight magnetic glove holder

I will be using mine on the side of my rolling heat press cart. How much simpler than searching for my gloves or trying to grab a glove when my hands are already full.

Next to the gloves was this magnetic hook set. Price $3.99.

craft studio harbor freight magnetic hook set

These hooks are heavy and have very strong magnets. I’m going to again add these to my heat press cart to hold my cricut mats. It will be so much nicer to have my cricut mats with my cricut and cricut supplies.

Also in the magnetic section was the 6″ magnetic parts holder. Price $3.99.

craft studio harbor freight 6" parts holder

This will be another time saver for me. I send a lot of time with upcycles, and I am constantly dropping and losing screws, washers, etc. What a difference this is going to make. Again this is also going on the side of my rolling cart, next tothe glove dispenser.

Measure and Level

After the magnetic aisle, I moved on to the measure, laser, and level section.

First item I snatched up was a 40″ aluminum ruler.

craft studio harbor freight aluminum ruler

Harbor freight makes a larger one too, but i wanted this one to attache to the side on my craft table. What a time saver when measuring fabric!

craft studio harbor freight laser marker

On Pinterest I have seen someone using a  laser marker  attached to their sewing machine. This seems to be a great solution to more precise sewing lines. This item is pretty interesting. It can be attached to tools such as a circular saw also. It can be attached with magnets, adhesive, or screws. The price $5.99!

The next item I found was a line level

craft studio harbor freight craft studio line level

Line levels are used in landscaping and frame making. This level was $1.29 and has a lifetime warranty. I think I’ll get my money out of this.

Odds and Ends

In the automotive section I found these funnel trays for $2.99.

Craft studio harbor freight funnel tray

If you’re a crafter you will probably know I am going to use these for glitter trays. They are larger than what you can find in a craft store. This is going to be another frustration saver for me. Are you seeing a pattern here?

And the last item I found on this trip, was actually found by my husband. It is the  80 piece rotary tool kit.for $9.99.

craft studio harbor freight rotary tool kit

This is a mini rotary tool. I have a Dremel but truthfully there are days I struggle with tools. I think my husband is right that this one will be much easier for me to handle.

There were so many more items I saved for my next trip. But honestly they have amazing craft studio accessories to make your crafting so much easier. I can’t wait to get all my finds placed in my studio.

I hope you saw at least one item in this post that will up your craft game.

For your convenience I have included links for all products within the post. If you don’t have a harbor freight near you they do ship. And don’t forget your coupon codes for even better deals.

Happy organizing!

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