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How I Organize And Store Chalk Couture Transfers

chalk couture transfers camper

Chalk Couture Transfers

I recently decided to order a Chalk Couture starter kit With Chalk Couture Transfers and paste. However  after receiving the kit, I was at a loss for Chalk Couture Transfer storage solutions.

I am in love with the product but have to admit to get all the beautiful supplies I want, this is an investment. However with the ability to use the chalk couture transfers over and over again, I found the cost worth it.

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One thing that bothered me when my transfers arrived, was that I had no good way to store them. I wanted to keep them safe and undamaged. Of course thinking there had to be a great ideas to store chalk couture transfers, I headed to Pinterest to be flooded with options. Crickets….I found one post for storing the transfers, but it did not give a good way to organize or protect them well.

Chalk Couture Transfer Storage Options

I headed to shop online. At work I see local art students carrying art portfolios all the time and thought, …that just might work.

There were a  couple of specifics I wanted in an art portfolio. The first thing was a portfolio big enough to hold even the E transfers easily. Next I wanted a page protector type of system, so I could see the transfers without damaging them. And lastly It must have lots of pages, with room to grow as I collect more transfers.

I found one option that met all my criteria. It is the ITOYA 18” x 24” Art PortfolioChalk Couture Transfer Storage Itoya 18x24‘ art portfolio

The Perfect Storage For Large Chalk Couture Transfers

This art portfolio has 24 pages or 48 -18×24” page protected pockets. So lots  of room to grow! This portfolio has acid free pages. Not sure if that will help the transfers last longer, but it couldn’t hurt.

So let me show you how well it works with the Chalk Couture transfers.

chalk couture transfers garden


First is an E size transfer.  The E size after removing it from it’s plastic slides easily in the pocket. I have not had a chance to label this transfer like the ones you will see below.

This is a D size transfer.

chalk couture transfers camper

How To Store Smaller Chalk Couture Transfers

To hold 4 size B transfers (8.5 x 11 “) on one page. I decided to add 4 Page Protectors to each page.

To make the portfolio more user friendly, I decided I want to add photos of each transfer on the page protectors. I took screen shots from the Chalk Couture Website, making sure to include the transfer size and the price. I printed the photos on card stock. This way if I am showing my portfolio to someone we know right away the cost.

chalk couture transfers storage

I also needed a way that when the smaller transfers are cut apart, they won’t all fall to the bottom. This will also still allow the pocket behind for another large transfer, if I need more room later. I  trimmed the holes off the page protectors and, then attached the page protectors using Scotch removable mounting squares. When I want to change how I am organizing my transfers and can easily pull off the page protector, and move it to a different pocket.


Chalk Couture transfers storage

I also write “back” on the transfer backs with a Sharpie Marker, before I insert them in their pocket. That way I don’t have to worry about forgetting later when I’m excited about a new project.

I am currently organizing them by size, but in the future as I collect more I will be organizing them by season, themes, and holidays.

I’m using one pocket in the back for the ink protectors. Again, PERFECT fit! In the back of the portfolio I am also storing my Thank you cards and business information.

Currently they are organized by size. But in the future as I collect more, I will be organizing them by season, themes, and holidays.

Not having to worry about losing money by damaging my transfers, I can get down to making beautiful things with my Chalk Couture Transfers.

I hope you have found this post helpful and will give this storage option a try. I am really pleased with how well it works.


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