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The 100 Best Beach Quotes For Your Summer Crafting

100 beach quotes seas the day

Beach Quotes and Summertime

We are heading into summer, hopefully bringing lazy warm days to enjoy pursuing our favorite passions. I love crafting. Even more in the summer when I can be outside to do painting, and sanding projects. When it comes to craft projects I am always in search of the perfect quote to convey the message of the decor piece I am making. Today I am sharing 100 of my favorite beach quotes for crafting.

100 Beach Quotes

I followed my heart and it led me to the beach

Life is better with sand between your toes

Beach hair don’t care

Sun Sand Surf

Lets be mermaids


You can never have too much beach

Happiness comes in waves

Beach please

Ocean air, Salty hair

Life is always better at the beach

Let the sea set you free

We dream in colors borrowed from the sea

100 beach quotes you can neverKeep calm and listen to the ocean

I hope you always have a seashell in your pocket and sand in your shoes

Life is a beach, and i’m just playing in the sand

We live by the currents, plan by the tides, and follow the sun

The beach is calling

Eat Beach Sleep Repeat

I need some beach therapy

The beach calms the soul

It’s a shore thing

Paradise found

Take me to the beach

In need of vitamin sea

Blessed at the beach

Friends gather at the shore

Seas the day

Take me to the ocean

Let your cares drift away, roll with the tide, seas the day

All you need is love and the beach

Beach sweet beach

Keep calm and dream of the beach

Good times and tan lines

Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea

Beach house rules-relax, unwind, enjoy

Stay salty

Make some waves

God so loved the world, he gave us the beach

Make a wish upon a starfish

100 beach quotes

Beach house-No shoes required

Life is better in a bikini

Beach vibes

Chase the sun

I’m a beach kind of girl

Sea you at the beach

Waves crashing mermaids splashing


What happens at the beach, stays at the beach

The beach is my happy place

Resting beach face

Beach bum

As free as the ocean

The beach fixes everything

Born for the beach

Going to the beach

Sandy toes Salty kisses

On beach time

Sand sea happy me

Gone Coastal

100 beach quotes

You and me beside the sea

Gone to the beach, be back never

Life is better in flip flops

Feeling a little beachy

I’m done adulting lets go to the beach

Mermaids welcome

I have important mermaid stuff to do today

Catch me by the sea

No one likes a shady beach

Ocean child

Beach beauty

Sea la vie

Somewhere on a beach

Happy as a clam

Barefoot dreamer

Beach mode

Tank tops and flip flops

Beauty and the beach

Dreaming of the sea

Life is beachy keen

A walk on the beach is good for the soul

Live love beach

Don’t be crabby you’re at the beach

Mermaid crossing

Go jump in the ocean

In high tide or low tide, i’ll be by your side

The beach is good for your soul

Salty air and not a care

Don’t worry beach happy

Mermaids do it with a splash

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