Make A DIY Farmhouse Style Rolling Door

rolling door crop

Seems the month is flying by. The project to do list never seems to end. But today we completed a barn style rolling door project, that’s been on the list for a while.

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For a little history we had a closet with bifold doors. The closet opening wasn’t very large. In fact with the bifold doors open it cut even more space off the door frame. We decided the solution would lay in replacing those bifold doors, with a rolling door in a barn door style. But due to how narrow the door opening was and not much wall space on either side for a large barn door to slide out of the way. We decided on a door style that was more narrow, on a double barn door track.

The Doors

Option 1

We started with a regular interior door we purchased at Lowe’s for another project. We started by cutting the door in half. It was a hallow core door. So for the hallow core door to work we had to close in both open sides of the doors.

rolling door cut

Now we have 2 separate doors.

Option 2

Purchase a set of bifold doors to use. You will would have to make sure they are tall enough to cover your opening. For purchased bi fold doors you have to remove all hardware and patch screw holes.

Option 3

The third option would be to build your own door.

Rolling Door Installation

To start we had to find the center of the door frame and mark it. Then taking a stud finder we marked where the vertical wall studs were. Now the holes in the barn door hardware did not match up with our wall studs. To remedy this issue, we installed a 1 x 4” board the length of the roller door head piece. This board was screwed into the wall studs. Now we had a board to secure the rolling door hardware into.

rolling door brace

Again we held the rolling door head piece onto the the previously installed wood board and marked where the barn kit screws would go in. After leveling and marking them, we screwed the rolling door header piece onto the white board.

rolling door base

Always Test Fit With A Mock Up

Never willing to blindly trust the instructions, from prior experience. We made a “mock up” door piece and attached a door roller to it. We then put the roller on the header and made sure everything rolled correctly. So much easier to test this without using the whole door.

rolling door test fit

Lucky for us we did as we found one of the anchor pieces had been put on upside down. We installed the piece correctly and were ready to go again.

Hanging The Doors

From this point it is time to add the roller hardware to the doors.

rolling door bottom fit

You want to use a strip of wood under the door so it is raised off the floor where you want it, before you mark where to put the roller hardware.

After adding the roller door hardware, you are ready to hang the door.

Make all the additional adjustments and tweaks. Stand back and admire your handwork!

rolling door final

rolling door crop

If you’re thinking about taking on this project I hope this post helps you to see it is easier than it looks.

For questions about this project, just leave them below or email me.

If you are looking for barn style double rolling door hardware this is where I found mine. Double Rolling Door Hardware Pictured below.

This hardware is for up to an 8″ slide. Your doors could be wider than what we used.

rolling door hardware amazon

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