The Secrets To Perfect Window Cleaning From A Pro

Window cleaning

Window Cleaning Got You Down?

The sun is shining, you open your curtains, and OMG! Every fingerprint and dog paw are showcased (and not in a good way), by the beautiful ray of the sun. What to do? I’m going to share with you trade secrets for easy window cleaning, from the one of largest transportation systems in the United States.

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Everyday hundreds of thousands of travelers pass through our doors. Keeping windows clean is a never ending battle. We don’t have dedicated window washers, so the job has to be easy and fast! There are ways we make the work easier.

First lets start with an easy to make Natural cleaner.

Easy Natural Streak Free Window Cleaner

Mix the following ingredients:

2 Cups Water

1 Cup white Vinegar

6-8 drops Dawn dishwashing soap

Pour in a spray bottle and be sure to label it.


Window Cleaning Tools You Need

Have you heard the saying “Use the right tool for the job”? Well here you go!

What you need:

A micro fiber glass washer

A soft blade window squeegee

A Micro fiber cloth

An extender handle

This is my FAVORITE AT HOME WINDOW WASHING TOOL KIT that includes it all.

Window cleaning tools


Window Cleaning With The Pros

1.  If your windows are tall or hard to reach, connect the extender poles before you even get started. If you are worried about being messy with the water,  lay old towels down in the bottom of the window frame.

2. Wet your micro fiber glass washer with water. We dip the glass washer in a bucket of water. Then using the now wet micro fiber glass washer, wet your window. After wetting the window, generously spray with your cleaner. Start moving the glass washer over the window. It seems to work best if you use a side to side sideways figure eight motion to loosen the grease and dirt. Put your glass washer back in your bucket for now.

Window cleaning tips

3. Now let the window sit for a minute with the cleaner on it. When window cleaning, give the cleaner a chance to work, so you don’t have to. We actually wet and use the glass washer on several windows, before going back to the first one to squeegee.

4. Take the squeegee and move it from left inside frame to right inside frame, starting at the top and working down. After each swipe, wipe the blade of your squeegee off with your micro fiber cloth. You don’t want to have dirt on your squeegee when you make the next swipe.

5. Any spots missed around the edges? Use your micro cloth around the edges of the frame to pick up anything you missed.

6. Still have a spot or two that didn’t come clean? Spot clean just those spots with the glass washer, and then spray the whole window lightly with the cleaner, and re squeegee the entire window.

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