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How To Make An Easy Red Hydrangea Wreath

red hydrangea wreath final

Red Hydrangea

I have to admit the red hydrangea is new to me. The pastels of the pink and blue hydrangeas in my yard are gorgeous. But when I was googling anther topic, a red Hydrangea image came up. The deep rich red color was so visually enticing, I decided to use faux red hydrangea to make a summer wreath.

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I decided to try something new that Yvonne at Stone Gable blog does. She uses 2 grapevine wreaths as a base. She’s right it really does give a beefed upprofessional look to your wreath.

What You Need

Here are the items I used (I purchased everything at Michaels all flowers were 50% off)

2 18” grapevine wreaths $4.99 ea at Joanns

3 faux red hydrangeas

2 faux gold peonies

1 bunch faux Lilly of the valley

1 bunch of eucalyptus branches in teal

red hydrangea wreath supplies

Easy Wreath Construction Steps

I began by cutting down and separating the flower bunches. I do this first to make it easier to make a layout of the wreath.

red hydrangea first cuts

red hydrangea stems1. Take the two grapevine wreaths and attach them together with the brown floral wire. You want to use the brown floral wire as it won’t be noticeable after you combine the two wreaths. I just looped the wire over the top and then down through both wreaths and tied the wire pieces at the back of the wreaths.

red hydrangea wreath

2. Next I start with the Eucalyptus. I know I want the eucalyptus to shoot both to the top and bottom of the wreath. Making two bunches I bind each together with floral wire.

red hydrangea Eucyluptus

I test the placement of where I think I would like them.

red hydrangea start

After deciding on placement for the eucalyptus I glue the bottom of the eucalyptus bunch put hot glue on the ends and then push the bunch down into the wreath.

With the Eucalyptus in place, I lay all the flowers on the wreath and arrange them to see how they might look

red hydrangea test

3. Having decided on the general positioning of flowers, I start with the beautiful red hydrangea stems. I cut them down further leaving a short stem. I then add hot glue to the end and push the stems into the wreath.

4.  Using the gold Peony bunches, I separate them and cut them down further.  Taking each peony I add glue to the stem, and push them down into the wreath between the red hydrangea.

5. Lilly of the valley is next. For these I use hot glue on the stems and then tuck  them under the red hydrangea but laying on top of the eucalyptus.

6. Fluff and rearrange petals as you desire. You also could easily add a big bow to this. For mine I like it without the bow. I don’t want anything to cover the beautiful red hydrangea.

Hang your wreath and your done!

red hydrangea wreath final

If you would like more wreath ideas check out my post HERE.

For links to supplies see below.


red hydrangeaMichaels Faux Hydrangea Stem

grape vine wreath18″ grapevine wreath

brown coiled wireBrown Coiled Wire


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