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Clean Green: 10 Organic Recipes Guaranteed To Make Your House Sparkle

If you’ve been following along for a week or so you know we are getting ready to move to our tiny house by the beach. A lot of things for us have to change, and one of those is a cabinet of cleaning products. We won’t have room for all the bottles, and I have decided it is time for us to Clean Green.

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Clean Green. What Does That Mean?

To clean green means using products made with organic ingredients.

I’ve been researching the best organic cleaning recipes, that are made using minimal ingredients. As much as limited storage space in our tiny house factors in, we are also seeking a very different lifestyle. A lifestyle that will leave a better world for our grandchildren. Limiting chemicals in and around our new home, is one of the changes we are making.

Today  I’m going to share diy green cleaning recipes, from my blogging friends.  My goal is to put together a list of cleaners that will cover every type of surface or situation.

Tech Screen Cleaner

Since I’m not giving up my tech gadgets, let’s start there.

Clean green tech

Ellen from Confessions of an Overworked Mom has a recipe for screen cleaner that is ammonia and alcohol free.Tech Screen Cleaner.

Clean Green All Purpose Cleaners

Clean green cleaner

For a real education on the toxins in the average cleaning products in your home, you must visit Lisa, at Farmhouse on Boone. She is amazingly knowledgeable on the topic. You can find her all purpose cleaning recipe HERE. Lisa also has an Ebook of cleaning recipes made with essential oils.

Citrus Scrub

Clean green scrub

Patti at Heart and Vine has an essential oil Citrus Scrub for cleaning sinks tubs to deodorizing carpets. This is exactly what I’m looking for with clean green recipes, double (or quadruple) use products. You can find her Citrus Scrub recipe HERE.

Miracle Stain Remover

Green clean stain remover

This recipe from Cristy at Happy Family Blog, is a real money saver too. She has amazing photos of how well this stain remover works. Miracle stain remover RECIPE.

Organic Drain Cleaner

Clean green drain cleaner

I was surprised to find this one.  Drain cleaners have so many chemicals, but to find a diy organic version? Kudos to Jessica at Designers sweet spot. Her tips and recipe for unclogging a drain can be found HERE

How To Clean Rugs Using…wait for it… Snow!


Green clean rugs

Shocker for me! You can clean an oriental rug using snow! Tara @ Lehman Lane shows you how HERE

Makeup Brush Cleaner

Green clean make up

Liz at Liz Marie Blog has a super easy way to green clean makeup brushes. Find her tips HERE

Green clean carpet freshener

Ruth from Oilydesigns is another expert on the use of essential oils in cleaning and life style. Her CARPET FRESHENER will eliminate those carpet powders that throw powder and chemicals into the air.

Green clean natural orange cleaner

Gina at The Shabby Creek Cottage has a recipe for a DIY NATURAL ORANGE CLEANER.

Window cleaning tips

For cleaning windows I use DIY NATURAL WINDOW CLEANER with tips from the pros for  achieving sparkly clean windows.

Clean green laundry soap

What about laundry soap. Is it possible to cut out the chemicals? You bet with the recipe from Farmhouse on Boone for her NATURAL LAUNDRY SOAP

To Make Clean Green Recipes, Here Is Your Must Have List.

1. Baking Soda

2. Vinegar

3. Essential Oils of your choice.

4. Dawn dish soap

5. Salt

6. Hydrogen Peroxide

7. Snow. You can’t buy the good things in life;)

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