Tartan Throws To Keep You Cozy For Fall

tartan throw

Tartan Throws To Snuggle Up With

Tartan throws, blankets, and scarves always say “Welcome Fall” to me. And soon the cooler days will be upon us. I’ve been searching for a new Tartan throw for this fall and winter, and thought I would share my favorites with you.

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I’m a fan of neutral  tartan plaids for inside my home. A cozy chair, a cup of coffee, and my favorite throw make me a happy gal. But when it comes to a tartan throw for snuggling up at a football game, I say let your color fly!

Below I have curated some of the most beautiful Tartan Throws to keep you warm this fall.


Tartan throw black whiteThere’s something about crisp black and white plaids that’s so comforting. This color combination can take you through the whole year.

Tartan throw black and white

Brunell Merino Tartan throw

Bruni Throw


Tartan throw soft grayWhen I want a little subdued color in my home grays are a great neutral to add to any decor palette. 

Tartan Throw in Soft Gray

Tartan throw Blue green

Brunell Marino Blue Green

Tartan Throws NavyI love the Navy and Cream combination, and this one is my favorite. It’s going to look great at the beach house!

Tartan Throw Navy and Cream

Tartan Throws In Classic Reds

Tartan throw red black whiteYou can’t beat the look of traditional tartan plaids. This red white and black version, can slide right into Christmas!

Tartan throw red black and white


Tartan throw camelThis Camel tartan plaid throw says oh so cozy! Don’t you agree?

Tartan throw camel


Tartan throws orangeThis Orange Tartan Throw says “take me to the stadium”!

Tartan Throw Orange

Tartan Throw Heather and RedThis heather and red tartan plaid reminds me of school. These were my high school colors.

Tartan Throw Heather and Red


Tartan Throw ClassicThis Red and Blue Tartan plaid is a true classic! Exactly what I think of when someone says tartan plaid.

Tartan Throw Red Blue Classic

tartan throw Suzanne Kasler

This beauty from Suzanne K is the perfect throw for Christmas, don’t you think?

Suzanne K Plaid Throws

Classic Tartan throws are the perfect way to ward off a chill in the air. Lightweight and cozy. Easy to carry to ball games or style over your favorite chair.




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