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10 Best Tips For An Easy Move

Easy move tips

Easy Move?

Is it possible to have an easy move? Moving isn’t easy when it comes to emotions, but putting a system in place can make the physical part of moving much less stressful. I grew up as a military child, and then spent another 20 years as an adult with the military. In all those years, I’ve learned a thing or two about moving.

Tips for an easy move

1. Get rid of everything you can prior to the move! Donate, give away, throw away.  You don’t want to move unneeded papers and broken toys to a new home. Start the destashing 6 months prior to your move. I keep a donation tote and every time I find something I can part with it goes in the tote. Make sure you have returned every library book, or item borrowed from neighbors or friends before packing. You don’t want one of these items mistakenly getting packed and sent to another city.

2. If you will be selling your current home, meet with a realtor about 6 months prior. A realtor is able to access your home, and make suggestions for small changes that will increase the value. A realtor has a fresh set of eyes and will ask the obvious questions a buyer would ask. Our realtor suggested a couple of changes. In our case we needed to replace an outdated light fixture on the staircase, and she suggested adding a chandelier to our gazebo. The chandelier hanging in the gazebo is stunning! If you have painting to do, a realtor can guide you on colors pallets. And most importantly a realtor can tell you where to put your money for the most return, so you’re working smarter not harder.

3. About one month prior, I start clearing out the rooms that I can. Move everything out, patch and paint walls, deep clean the room, and then do not use it again. For us, preparing for this move, we have cleared and cleaned 2 bedrooms and and one bathroom so far. Any rooms that you can get cleaned prior to moving week, will save you a ton of stress.

4. Remove all artwork from your walls, as early as you are comfortable with. Expose those areas that may need patching and painting early. You don’t want to see nail holes as you’re walking out the door. I am grateful everyday for Command hooks. For me, a person who seeks constant change, nail hole patching has been the bane of my existence.

5. Pack kitchen essentials as early as possible. Buy paper plates and disposable cups and silverware to use for the last week/month. Try to eat healthy. Fruits and veggies don’t require cooking, and will give you the energy to get through this move. Try not to eat fast food and carb load as it is an energy suck. Make sure you stay well hydrated! Whether flying, or moving boxes, or driving cross country you must stay hydrated to feel your best.

Easy Move Essentials

6. For every item moved that has screws or parts, I put the small pieces and screws in a ziplock bag and then tape them to the item. No searching for parts when you reach your destination.

7. Pack a box for each child of their favorite things, and then let them decorate the boxe with markers or crayons. You will be able to quickly identify their boxes, when you get to your new home.Pack a box of everything you will need for the first night in your new home. That should include bedding, towels, chargers, pet dishes. Make sure to clearly label this box as the first night. 

8. To keep packing costs down if you are moving yourself, use clothing, towels, and blankets to wrap around breakables and small furniture or TV’s. I personally do not like to use newspaper if I can help it, as the ink can rub on to what you are packing or your hands.

9. If you are selling your home, have the appliances that are staying serviced.Change out heater filters, water filters, etc. Clean out fountains, and landscaping.

Easy Move Checklist

Be sure to grab my easy move checklist Right Here  to organize your next move.

10. And last but very very important: Schedule your new utility services in advance if you have your new address. You don’t want installers walking through your boxes, but having a cable hookup within a week is a great distresser for children. It gives them something comfortable and known to see their favorite tv characters, when everything around them is new and unfamiliar.

When you arrive at your new home, find that first night box, make your bed, grab a shower, and get some rest. You deserve it!



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    October 10, 2018 at 4:30 pm

    We all needs a move like smooth pitch, Thanks for sharing the smartest tips

    • Sherrie
      October 11, 2018 at 2:39 am

      Hi Rosie!

      The best part of moving is beginning new adventures.
      Thank you for stopping by!