Clothes Closet Organization Using Rubbermaid Configurations

Rubbermaid Configurations Clothes Closet

Clothes Closet Woes?

Have you ever struggled with how to organize a clothes closet? You admire those beautiful closet organizers and then balk at the prices? Or don’t have the tools to be cutting wire shelves. And then there is no way to change the setup later? I’m with you. But after some research I found an option that is practical, easy to install, adds feet of hanging or shelve space to your closet, and can be reconfigured in minutes if you desire.

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We are continuing to get our tiny house ready to move into. In the bedroom the walls have been painted, board and battened, and the floors replaced. That left me with a tiny under 6 ft wide closet. And as a typical closet, it had one rod across the top and a shelf above the rod.

My work requires a business wardrobe, and I have to take a little care with how I store these clothes. I was also looking for an organizer with versatility. I know I won’t be working forever, and there will be a time when I will want to change the configuration of my closet to accommodate sweaters and jeans.

In my research I was struggling with the size of the closet, just under 6 feet.  I didn’t want empty gaps at the ends, but I wanted shelves and rods, wall to wall.

clothes closet

I found the Rubbermaid configurations deluxe titanium 4-8 ft closet system on Amazon for $95.96. This kit can be modified for a 4-8 ft closet. It is adaptable to both reach in and walk in closets. The Configurations system allows you to decide where you want the shelves, rods, and how many.  The rods telescope to give a custom fit for your closet, and the shelves overlap each other and lock in place, so there is no cutting of anything. Bonus! The Rubbermaid Configurations system also has additional pieces you can purchase (like drawers) to custom your closet even further.

So low price, no cutting, custom fit?The Rubbermaid Configurations clothes closet system also has additional pieces you can purchase (like drawers) to custom your closet even further.I’m in! Do you ever look at the product ratings before purchase. This system has over 2300 reviews on Amazon, with a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Working With Rubbermaid Configurations

The number of choices for how to arrange your closet is pretty amazing. And probably limitless.

I needed significant rod space in my clothes closet. I thought I had my plan solid, until I realized I needed a place to store my suitcase. But in just a few minutes I changed the configuration several times until I had just what I needed. 

Installing The Rubbermaid Configurations Clothes Closet

Step 1: Read the directions and decide on your design.

clothes closet ideas

These are some of the suggestions from Rubbermaid. Mine ended up different than any of these.

Step 2: Find the studs in your clothes closet. You will need to mount your “overlapping hang rails” to those studs. Use a stud finder and mark your studs 86.5” from the floor. You can use dry wall anchors if your studs do not line up with the holes in the hang rails.Drill your pilot holes on the marks you made. Line up your rails pushing the first hang rail all the way to the left, and then lining your marks with the holes in the hang rail. Use your screws to attach you first hang rail. 

Next overlay your second hang rail and slide it all the way to the right. This is how you customize the Rubbermaid configurations to your closet. Secure the second rail all the way to the right with screws.

Step 3: Next you are going to add your uprights. Hang your uprights over the previously attached hang rail. Level and position each upright and then mark where you will put screws. Drill your pilot holes and then attach with screws.

clothes closet supports

Now you will take the rail cover and place it over the hang rail to get your correct spacing for the next upright.

Step 4: Add your brackets and expanding shelves. Make sure you connect your shelves into the uprights to secure them.

Step 5: Add your clothes rods. Rods are adjustable in length so you can put them where they will work best for you. Now stand back and admire your new clothes closet organization system.

I went through several variations before deciding on the one below.

Clothes closet 1

clothes closet left side

clothes closet right side

The after. I have more hanging rod space. Significantly more shelving. And I can customize it further at any time.

My final review: I am in love with this closet system! It is easy to put together, easy to customize, no metal cutting, and inexpensive as closet organizers go.

The Rubbermaid Configurations clothes closet system can be found here


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