What Home Tool Kit Essentials Are Must Haves?

home tool kit essentials

Whether you’ve been bitten by the DIY bug, or just want to hang pictures in your first apartment, you need to own basic home tool kit essentials. 

Basic tools can get you through just about any minor household repair. Below you’ll find a list of what I believe to be the basic home tool kit essentials.

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It’s in the bag!

Most tools on the list are inexpensive. But remember a  tool kit can be formed by purchasing a couple of tools each payday if your financially stretched. And remember tools can make great gifts for the new home owner!

  1. Sturdy Tool bag. Most hardware and big box stores carry heavy duty tool bags. Look for one with organizing pockets on the outside to keep small tools at easy reach. I really like this Dewalt 16″ Tool Bag.

Home Tool Kit Dewalt 16" Tool Bag2. 16 oz Hammer Don’t go for those cute 8″ pink hammers. Oh no, you will regret it later if you do. You need a 16 oz Fiberglass hammer like this one.

16 oz Hammer

3. A Multi Head Screw driver. This tool allows you to only carry one screwdriver but change out the heads based on what you need.  All the screw driver heads store in the handle. This one is the Irwin 9 in one tool

Home Tool Kit 9 in one tool

4. (A) Needle Nose Pliers. You will appreciate having these if you are trying to work in a tight space.

    (B) Slip Joint Pliers. These are adjustable when you are trying to work on something odd sized.

    (C) Diagonal Pliers. This will give you a strong tight grip.

I found all three of these in one set from Stanley Tools. Stanley Plier Set

Home tool kit pliers

5. An Adjustable Wrench. For an Adjustable Wrench a 12″ is the size that will carry you through most of your needs, if you are only buying one wrench rather than a set.

home tool kit adjustable wrench

6. A Hand Saw. For a Folding all purpose saw I picked this one because it will fold and fit in your tool bag. If you are looking to do more DIY projects you might want to go with a more traditional hand saw.

home tool kit all purpose saw

Measure Twice Cut Once

7. A Level. A torpedo level is on the small side but will be extremely handy. This one can be found HERE.

If you are looking for one for a bigger project I have been pleasantly surprised with the 16″one I purchased at the Dollar Tree. They can be found in the hardware section and are bright yellow. Mine has been a life saver more than once!

8. A 25ft tape measure. I find that a 25′ tape measure will cover just about any home project you would work on. 

Home tool kit 25' tape measure

9. A Utility Knife. These can get pretty fancy and come in lots of colors, but I am still partial to the plain Jane Utility knife I started dIYing with years ago. Like this one below.

home tool kit utility knife

Get Some Power!

10. A Cordless Drill. I am partial to Ryobi for drills. I currently own a small Ryobi cordless drill that has lasted me almost a decade now. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear they make that model any longer. Here is the one I would buy today Ryobi Cordless Drill.

As a note of caution, if you are looking online to purchase a cordless drill many online do not come with the battery and charger. So if the price seems too good to be true its probably missing the battery and charger.

Home Tool Kit Ryobi Cordless Drill

11. The last items that are essentials would be Safety Glasses and a pair of heavy gloves.

Get my Tool Kit Checklist with an additional page of more tools to expand your basic toolkit!

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