5 Minute Fall Napkin Rings With Farmhouse Style

fall napkin rings 2

I’ve been busy planning out my Thanksgiving tablescape. I wanted Fall napkin rings that didn’t take away the beauty of these dishes and still kept a farmhouse feel. If you’ve shopped for napkin rings, you know they can be pricey, but it can also be hard to find a farmhouse style. This easy DIY helps you make your own at almost no cost.

I’ve been doing a lot with pine cones in my decor this fall, so it seemed natural to add them to my table.

For this project you will need:

5 1/2” wide cream burlap

Small Pine cones

A glue gun and glue sticks

Steps to make fall napkin rings

1. Cut a piece of the burlap 6” long. Each 6” piece will make 2 napkin rings.To cut the burlap, find a space between two strings to use as your cutting guide.

Fall napkin rings burlap


2. Once you cut the 6” piece, turn it length wise and cut it in half. At this point you can decide if you want to fray the edges, leave them the way they are, or you could even glitter the edges.

fall napkin rings fray


3. Find the middle of your burlap strip and center the pine cone, to pick out the one you want to use. When you have the ones you want to use for your fall napkin rings.

fall napkin rings


4. You will need to snip off the stems at the bottom of each pine cone. Snipping the stem will help them sit flat and adhere better.After the stems are snipped put hot glue on the base of the pine cone and then press it onto the center of the burlap strip. Wait for it to cool down.

fall napkin rings stem


5. Now take your two ends of the burlap strip and overlap them. Run a narrow bead of hot glue on one edge and the hold the other edge down on the glue. Let cool.

fall napkin rings overlap

That’s it! Tuck your napkin in the fall napkin rings and you’re done!

fall napkin rings

There are so many ways you could change these up. You could paint or bleach the pine cones to match your tablescape. You could glitter the edges of the fall napkin rings and the edges of the pine cones. Using glitter would be really pretty on a Christmas table.

These fall napkin rings are easy and add a natural farmhouse feel to our table.

You can find these beautiful plates at Pier 1 Imports.

Fall napkin rings Autumn Bliss Dishes

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