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Coastal Chic Dining Room Design Board

Coastal Chic Dining Room

Coastal Chic Dining Room Design Board

Recently I began to think about updating my dining room. I want it to have a Coastal Chic feel, with a little glam, but still be light and airy. I’ve put together my ideas and I think I am on track to turn my dining room into a Coastal Chic beauty!This post may contain affiliate links that, when used, will provide me a commission paid for by the company at no additional cost to you. To read my full disclosure policy click HERE.

Coastal Chic Dining Room Furniture

I knew I wanted a small round table as the room is not huge, and I want space around it to make it feel more open. I am really taken with the farmhouse style added to a little glam. The juxtaposition is perfect for my room!

Coastal Chic Dining Table


To go with the soft colors of the table, I want to punch it up with a few pops of color in the dining chairs. These upholstered chairs add the Coastal color palette I am looking for.

Coastal Chic dining chairs


Galewood Wood Leg Upholstered Dining Chair in Azure


Even in a small dining room, I always find it nice to have a table with a couple of drawers to store napkins, napkin rings, etc.

Coastal Chic Console Table

Theron 50″ Solid Wood Console Table

Coastal Chic Lighting

Coastal Chic Lighting is a must. I wanted lighting that had a little glam to it. This lighting fixture has glass centers cylinders that have bubbles and mimic a water look. There are no bulbs. The cylinder in the center lights up.The cylinders can be raised and lowered in spiral like this or staggered for a more casual feel. After seeing this fixture in person it is truly stunning! I found this fixture at Home Depot. This is the Essence 30 Watt Chrome Intefrated LED Pendant by Artika


Coastal Chic lightingCoastal Chic Lighting













Coastal Wall Art

For the wall art I want designs with my Coastal Chic colors in mind,  but I don’t want the room to scream beach. Subtle and classy is the goal.

I found these gorgeous watercolor prints, inspired by antique book plates. They subtly conveying the shape and movements of jelly fish. There are four different designs.

Coastal Chic Water color wall art



Coastal Chic wall art


Beautiful Watercolor Spa Jelly Fish Prints


To finish off the room I’m going to add a Demijohn vase, a large piece of coral, and a couple of baskets to hold linens. So what do you think?

Coastal Chic Dining Room